In order to return the items of an order, the following points should be considered

  • Items related to the health of the goods, incompatibility of the received goods with the ordered items, incompleteness of the order, expiration date of the ordered items should be checked when receiving the goods and then the delivery code should be given to the dispatcher. In case of any problems or problems, inform the support unit.
  • The product packaging must be completely healthy and salable when returning. Refrigerated and perishable goods that have a short shelf life are not eligible for return.
  • Regarding products such as meat and chicken, there must be a label on the product.
  • Regarding cosmetics and health products, especially skin and hair care products, be sure to get advice before buying. Due to their sanitary nature, these goods cannot be returned.
  • The original purchase invoice must be available with the customer to return an order.
  • For each order, it is possible to register a return only once, and after the return registration, it is not possible to return other items of the order.
  • Experts, if needed, will be your communication bridge with the voice of customers and suppliers.

Procedures for returning goods

  • Register a return request by contacting the support unit
  • Examination of the application by experts to meet the initial return conditions
  • Contacting the customer and coordinating the return
  • Examination and declaration of opinions by experts according to the condition of the returned goods
  • If the return is confirmed, the money will be returned to the customer’s credit.